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April 25, 2020


A moderated conversation with APSUnians in Public Health Care working on the “battlefront” combating the COVID-19 pandemic. We implore the active participation of all APSUnians: Let’s intensify public health education and model proper behavior of Social Distancing. ALL are invited to join the conversation on Zoom or via Twitter: @ApsuUsa, Facebook: APSU North America and APSU Global and via the various APSU WhatsApp Groups. Our best chance to induce that change in culture, and halt the business as usual attitude, is to engage in more dialogues and less lectures and speeches; less finger-pointing and more hands-on solutions. Let’s help by leveraging our knowledge, our experience, our networks and our financial widow's mite to bring about the change we’ve all been waiting for. APSU Action Nkotsee!

"Surviving The Pandemic And Beyond"

APSU - "Surviving The Pandemic And Beyond"

May 9, 2020

  • How long will this pandemic last and what are the biggest challenges -- medium to long term views
  • Getting back to basics: Stimulus Packages, Unemployment Benefits & Insurance and Furlough vs Layoff
  • Myths about when and how to start financial planning, and what’s a “good enough” Life Insurance
  • Emergency and Retirement Funds
  • How to access and contribute to charitable support programs: Food, Shelter, Health and Education
  • Are there any SHORTCUTS - Get Rich Fast Schemes and Scams

“Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste”

May 23rd

“The Future of Education in Ghana - Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste”

The big picture
  • We are all wondering how long this pandemic will last. What are the biggest challenge -- medium to long term view. Drawing on personal experiences and assessments of current challenges situation?
  • Getting back to basics and explaining the current situation / status quo. What are the opportunities in this crisis?
  • Some people are thinking about life and death matters - survival, why should we bother with education now let alone in the future?
  • What are the available immediate actions that can be taken now (update - isolation / quarantine camp)?
  • Important advice about building a solid foundation for the future ?
  • When? Timing is everything. The political / elections timetable and the dictates of the coronavirus. Timeframes for containment/mitigation/tracking and tracing ?
  • What are the politically expedient choices and the long term goals and how can they be reconciled ?
Key Policy Issues ...
Mr. Henry Arthur-Gyan (APSU ‘84) Introduction of New Headmaster


Aug 1, 2020


Dear APSUnians,How are we all doing? We pray all are doing very well. These are some very trying times. Let us stay safe 😷 and keep praying 🛐 “Keep Hope Alive”.
To be of help to our college we should first take care of one another...
Many are committed to giving back to the college, and many continue to do so through year groups and directly to the college. We can certainly get more bang for our bucks if our widow's mite was prudently invested. At age 90 we need a more predictable funding instrument than passing the hat around every now and again. ...

HOPSA : Action Not Words * + *

APSU : Action Nkotsee! * + *

Building Healthy Financial Habits

Peter Akwaboah '86
Alfred Owusu-Ansah '02
Vincent Owusu '77
Mbo Augustine -Gala 2019

"Sankofa wonnkyir " UCC Primary School * 1973 Alumni

May 25

UCC Primary ‘73 - First Virtual Class Reunion

Good afternoon UCC P ‘73 family. Here is a suggestion from some of us. Since we are unable to meet this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to suggest a Zoom Meeting for a virtual Happy Hour -- some good conversations and reminiscing about the good old days. We know these are hard times, and that we’ve got to turn every penny before we spend it. Spending hard earned cash on data for such an event may be frivolous. Some mates will contribute to a data fund to enable those who could use that support to do so and call in for our Zoom event. Furthermore, we have to carry each other knowing very well that someday, you would return the favour. Please let me know a date and time that will be most convenient for such a Zoom Event....[5/25, 10:21 PM] Albert Gyan: Mark, that was really a very humble suggestion 🤗. I believe we the fathers on here could use some pampering. During this "covid era" we've had to master some serious multitasking, which comes so naturally to our sisters. So in the absence of any alternative date, *Father's Day Sunday June 21, 2020 @ 3pm GMT?* is the date and time for our *UCC Primary ‘73 - Summer Zoom Happy Hour* .
Betty, we'll need a planning committee asap. I'll volunteer Ben @⁨Benjamin Isaac Arthur Jr.⁩ and Kofi @⁨Kofi Glover⁩ . Gentlemen, pls do us the honors...[5/28, 4:35 PM] Evelyn Dsane: Great idea. Can't think how many faces I will remember.[5/28, 4:43 PM] Benjamin Isaac Arthur Jr.: 👍🏿
[7:25 PM, 6/18/2020] Albert Gyan: The UCC Primary School Class of 1973 invites you to a scheduled Zoom Event.
Theme: First Virtual Class Reunion - Happy HourDATE: Sunday, 21st June, 2020TIME: 7PM (Ghana), 8PM (UK), 3PM EDT, 2PM CST, 12PM PST (US)...

Honoring Our Primary School Teachers

July 18

On this day, in the spirit of #MANDELADAY2020 "take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela Day" – the class of '73 expressed sincerest gratitude to all the teachers who have helped make us who we are today 🙏🏿‍🙇🏿‍♀️🙇🏿

Ms. Mary Akore, Mrs. Margaret Kodzi, Ms. Ruth Christina Turner and Mrs. Gloria Maria Opoku

Berlin GSU Alums